Gal, Patty honoured with National Board of review’s spotlight award

LOS ANGELES-The pair worked together on one of this year’s biggest blockbuster hits, ‘Wonder Woman’.

This year, the big screen has played host to some incredible pictures. One of those that have made the greatest impression and cemented a place for itself in pop culture history is the DC Extended Universe’s ‘Wonder Woman’. Gal Gadot played the titular character with Patty Jenkins serving as the first female director on a superhero flick, and both, along with the rest of the team working on the film, smashed the job out of the park.

Gal Gadot impressed in the titular role of ‘Wonder Woman’ earlier this yearGal Gadot impressed in the titular role of ‘Wonder Woman’ earlier this year

Jenkins’ impact is something that’s even extended to TIME Magazine this year, as she’s the only filmmaker in contention to win this year’s ‘Person of the Year’ at the publication.

For now however, she and Gadot are already being honoured by the National Board of Review, who have praised the pair’s “creative collaboration” on their DCEU release.

Alongside their 14 usual categories, the NBR award three special gongs, one of which is called the Spotlight Award. This is the accolade that both Gadot and Jenkins were given, and they seem very excited by the news.

Gadot took to her Twitter and wrote: “Wow this is amazing! And I couldn’t ask for anyone else to receive this award with! PattyJenks thank you.

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