Around 200 unregistered private schools identified in ICT

Islamabad – The Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority has so far registered as many as 1,242 private sector schools in Islamabad Capital Territory while around 200 private schools were found still working without registration.

Chairman PEIRA Dr Hasnat Qureshi said that the authority had hired a survey team to identify the unregistered schools being run in the federal capital.

The survey team, he said, had been tasked to complete its report in three months through home-to-home survey. However, the team collected only 50 per cent data of the schools in two months, he said.

According to the data available with the PEIRA, around 200 private schools have been identified as being run unregistered, he revealed.

As many as 250,000 male and female students are studying in as many as 1,242 private schools in the ICT, he added. The survey found that around 19,000 teachers are serving in these private educational institutions, the chairman said.

He further said that out of the total number of registered private schools, around 372 educational institutions were registered in urban areas of the federal capital, while 197 in Tarnol, 179 in Sehala, 332 in Nilore and 162 in Bharakahu area.

The chairman warned owners of the private schools being run without registration in Islamabad to get registered urgently, otherwise the PEIRA would take strict legal action against such schools and a report would also be filed in the relevant police station against these institutions.

The Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority has been sending reminders to the schools that are registered but have not renewed their registration, he said.

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