Only Bilawal can lead country to prosperity

RAHIM YAR KHAN – PPP South Punjab President Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood declared on Thursday that only Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can steer the country out of prevailing crises and lead it towards progress and prosperity.

“PPP’s Dec 15, public gathering in Multan, to be addressed by Bilawal Bhutto will determine the politics of South Punjab.”  Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood was addressing a public gathering held to mark golden jubilee of PPP foundation here on Thursday.

The former Punjab governor claimed that the PPP chairman will unveil the party’s roadmap for a separate province for people of Saraiki region during his address to the public meeting. “People of Southern Punjab have no share in developmental funds, no jobs, no admissions in educational institutions and no other privileges being enjoyed by people of central Punjab,” he regretted, adding that it seems the Punjab’s Rs700 billion budget is only for the upper Punjab and there is no implementation of the National Finance Commission.

Mr Mehmood said that Asif Zardari faced 11 years prison only due to political victimisation but never made any hue and cry, adding that now the PML-N top leadership is in troubles for their misdeeds but they have launched vicious campaign against national institutions. The PPP stalwart anticipated that various PML-N leaders will leave the party soon. “Remember my words that PPP will (definitely) make a clean sweep in the 2018 general elections in Southern Punjab,” he declared.

Ahmed Mehmood went on to say that it was only Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who declared Qadyanis as non-Muslim and the PPP added Khatme Nubuwwat law in the Constitution.

In his address PPP District president Javed Iqbal Warriach alleged that in the last LB elections the party mandate was stolen in the RY Khan division but the opponent should mind that they will not be able to carry out such dirty tactics.

He challenged Maryam Nawaz and her son-in-law Raheel Munir to contesting election against any PPP candidate in Rahim Yar Khan in future.

On the occasion, PPP City President Safdar Khan Kanjoo informed about recent achievements and party corner meetings in the district.

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