PBC for amending rules for judges appointment

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Bar Council on Thursday demanded that the Judicial Commission of Pakistan rules regarding appointment and confirmation of judges in superior court should be amended. It said that the discretion vested in the JCP through objective criteria and such appointments/confirmation be made after considering the input of all members f the commission. The PBC unanimously resolved that the process of appointment of judges of superior courts and confirmation under Article 175A of Constitution lacked transparency.  It said that at the next hearing, they will finalize and propose amendments to the JCP rules.

It also said that the PBC has serious reservations about curtailment of the role of the parliamentary committee in the process of appointments/confirmation of the judges through JCP. It demanded that the role of the parliamentary committee in this regard should be made meaningful and effective.

The council also resolved that the present composition of the JCP, on account of majority of its members from judiciary, could not bring about desired results and that a sub-committee constituted by council shall formulate recommendations for proposing amendments to Article 175-A of the Constitution enabling all the stakeholders for better participation in the process of appointment and confirmation of judges.


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