PPP here to stay for another 50 years

12 years from now in 2029, PPP will mark the 50th anniversary of the hanging of its founding Chairman Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and the grandson of the man himself will be at the peak of his political career. In 12 years, it is also likely that Gen. Zia’s spiritual son Nawaz Sharif will be nowhere on the political horizon of Pakistan and ‘THEIR’ blue-eyed boy Imran Khan might also be living a retired life in England.

On the 50th anniversary of Pakistan People’s Party, the reincarnation of Shaheed Bhutto & Shaheed BB will be with us in the form of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Unlike most of the political elite of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is likely to be the main player on the political landscape of Pakistan for several decades to come.

Today, majority of Pakistan’s population consists of youth. Seventy-five percent of Pakistan’s current population was not born yet during Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s time, when he recovered 90,000 Pakistani soldiers from Indian prisons, made Pakistan an atomic power, held a summit of the Islamic world, carried out land reforms, and much more for the people of this country. Now Bhutto’s grandson has the opportunity to interact with that 75 percent directly.

Nor does the majority of Pakistan’s youth know first-hand the account of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s struggle against Gen Zia. They are unaware of how she got missile technology for Pakistan, her empowerment of Pakistani women, the poor, and much more. Now her son is here to communicate with them in every town and every city.

Nawaz Sharif’s Panama mafia and Imran Khan’s property mafia have converted Pakistani politics into a billionaire’s club by spending billions during election campaigns and investing billions on the corporate media industry to influence public opinion. After putting President Asif Ali Zardari behind bars with false accusations, such mafias and their masters ran a vehement media trial against PPP and its leaders, but still could not undermine the achievements of President Asif Ali Zardari— his initiative for CPEC, devolution of power to provinces, shares for labour in factories, policies to support farmers and much more.

On the 50th anniversary of PPP, the forces who have always worked together in attempts to destroy PPP are up in arms against each other. They are being exposed at the hands of each other, and their ability to manoeuvre the opinion of the people by financing the media and through other state organs are getting weaker day by day. Artificial waves of popularity created by corporate media and their self-created billionaire’s club are dying down.

On the other hand, on the 50th anniversary of the PPP, the party is, under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, ready to reorganise and regroup labour, youth, students, peasants and commoners through PPP organisations to make it the most resilient party across Pakistan.

On its’ 50th anniversary, PPP will start its journey looking ahead to the next 50 years of Pakistani politics, whereas the leaders of the other two major political parties are counting on these being the last and final elections of their life.

From the death cell of SZAB in a Rawalpindi jail to the heat and dust of SMBB’s cell in Sukkhar Jail, from 11 years of jailed torture on President Asif Ali Zardari to the determination of Bakhtawar, Aseefa, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to continue their fight for poor, when all their collective struggles are understood, the dreams of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto & Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will be fulfilled. Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will materialise their dreams becoming the youngest prime minister of Pakistan after Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

–The writer is a leader of Pakistan People’s Party


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