The great game plan and Pakistan

Pakistan was re-named after its independence as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. However, today it is neither Islamic nor Republic but a Banana Republic, made by our political leaders. Pakistan has been rule from its beginning under the Parliamentary democratic system. The system is tried and tested and is being practiced successfully in other countries.

The Parliamentary System of Government in Pakistan has unfortunately failed, because it suits to a certain class of people majority of whom are wealthy Jagirdaars, Industrialists, Traders and Professional Politicians, who have been ruling this country in the name of sham democracy for decades. During this period, every ruling political party has miss-used the system, made the parliaments and the assemblies irrelevant and wrecked the country’s institutions. The performance of every ruling Government and its parliamentarians from Governance, assemblies’ attendance has been deplorable and shameful. None of the political parties, parliamentarians have ever discussed, debated or taken serious notice of in the assembly sessions, regarding country’s population explosion, future water crisis, acute shortage of big dams and water reservoirs. On the top of this, the political Janta and Mafia of this country has under the malice intentions inflicted a grave damage for the federation of Pakistan by introducing he eighteenth constitutional amendment. The earliest this amendment is finished, the better it is for future problems.

It is a conspiracy against the federation of Pakistan and a criminal step. The parliamentary system needs to be replaced by a Presidential System of Government of four years’ duration and only two terms for the President. However, from amongst the political mafia, who will bell the cat, looks difficult. With rapidly changing regional and global developments, growing Chinese and Russian interests in the region and U.S. policy about the region, India and its allies US and Afghanistan are actively engaged in targeting Pakistan under the Great Game Plan.

Pakistan is therefore passing through the darkest age of the history and is facing grave challenges. The Indian leaders have very loudly declared about its great game plan against Pakistan. The script of the great game plan against Pakistan has been prepared and written by the agencies of the allies and the characters of this game would be nominated or selected from inside, because Pakistan is very rich in traitors and such characters.

The theme of the great game plan is to destabilize Pakistan politically, destroy its economy by trapping it through giving heavy loans by I.M.F. At the end declared in bankrupt, a failed state and finally disintegrate it forever.

Therefore, according to their game plan, a proxy war of terrorism in all its forms has started in Pakistan, serious confrontations amongst the ruling governments and the major state pillars has been created. Moreover, a civil war like situation looks rising in the country. At the same time, Pakistan is surrounded all around by enemies, sitting at its borders like hungry wolves and vultures.

As expected, the results of the Great Game Plan have started appearing. Dangerous confrontations amongst the political parties has started. The ruling political party under the support of its ruling government have declared an open war against the judiciary and challenged its decisions. The ruling political party members has physically attacked the court, threatened the honorable judge and forced him to leave.

The rule of law in the country has ended. The nation is perplexed. None of the state pillars are on one page. The puppet governments and their incapable ministers have failed to rule the country. Occasional claims of the West that Pakistan is a Failed-State used to be heard in the past. However, their claims are abused but Pakistan is definitely a De-Railed State for a long time. Pakistan, where it stands today, the people of Pakistan are equally responsible for this.

Liking and disliking of political personalities is the right of the public but to worship them at the cost of the country is a great sin.

Finally, Is Pakistan a Failed State? It is left for the people of Pakistan to decide.

May Allah save and protect Pakistan. Insha’Allah.

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