Top court acquits three suspects in Musharraf attack case

Three suspects in Musharraf attack case have been freed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan due to insufficient evidence.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that the prosecutor failed to prove his case against the suspects. On the other hand, Justice Dost Muhammad said that key suspects have slipped from hands due to prosecutor’s negligence in the case.

The accused Intekhab Abbasi, Zafar Ali and Muhammad Kabir were sentenced to death by the trial court. However, the High Court had changed their punishment to life imprisonment.

The three suspects were arrested from Rawalpindi’s Dhok Kala Khan in year 2008. According to the prosecutor, they were planning to assasinate the then president Pervez Musharraf.

Three cars were found in the possession of the suspects loaded with 1000 kilograms of high explosives.

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