Art competition on Margalla held

Islamabad – Art teachers from the twin cities participated in a competition involving painting the biological diversity of Margalla hills on canvas.

The competition was organised by the Development Communications Network, an NGO, with the support of UNDP Pakistan in connection with the 7th Pakistan Mountain Festival. Around twenty art teachers from the twin cities participated in the live painting competition in Margalla Hills National Park.

The objective of the activity was to capture the beauty and biological diversity of the Margalla hills.

Devcom-Pakistan Director Munir Ahmed said while briefing the participants that the competition was a rare opportunity for the busy female art teachers who hardly find time to continue exploring their creative passion. I believe that art can be used in multiple ways to enhance aesthetics in society leading to conservation and protection of nature to cleansing of the social environment, he said.

“Environmentally-sensitised teachers, especially those teaching art, can give a push to conservation efforts through aesthetically-enriched visuals,” he said, adding that there was a need to engage and sensitise the teachers about their active role in the conservation efforts.

The paintings done by the art teachers will be put on display at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on December 11. The winners of the competition will be given prizes and certificates. They will be especially invited to the main event of the International Mountain Day so that they could grab the essence of the mountain conservation.

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