Biased referring and worst venue

MARSEILLE – Highly controversial and biased referring, denied Pakistan a place in the last 16 of the 2017 25th WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship 2017, as they were thrashed by Switzerland 3-0 in the Pool-A must win encounter.

It was shocking to see such referring was being conducted in world event and even in the presence of World Squash Federation President Jacques Fontane. Such was the referring, that even spectators were booing the poor state of affairs. The venue choice is also highly questionable as Modern Club is not even fit for holding club level matches having no space for spectators. Referees don’t have clear view of what’s going on in the matches. Such below par referring killing the chances of the teams’ who don’t have any say in the WSF. One thing was crystal clear and it can be confirmed through videos, that referees were on a ‘mission’ as they were awarding simple calls against Pakistanis, while Swiss players were given free-ride. It seemed that one Pakistani player was playing against four at a time, as three referees were never looked neutrals. Swiss spectators were allowed to cheer even during rallies, but thin Pakistani support was not acceptable to referees.  Even this correspondent was barred from supporting Pakistan and when asked under which law he is being deprived from supporting his team, the referee had no answers. It is high time, rather than sitting back and watching injustice being done to Pakistanis, the Pakistan Squash Federation must raise the issue at every available forum. 

Pakistan Squash Federation senior vice president Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi and former world squash champion, Qamar Zaman Khan are in Marseille to attend WSF meeting today (Sunday). It is perfect time that federation must stand up and demand equal and just treatment. On e one hand PSA is reluctant to give Pakistan right to host events despite having excellent facilities and on the other hand places like Modern Club are being awarded the world level event, which shows the duplicity of the world body. The PSF should now demand an inquiry on biased referring and should also take the awarding of the PSA events to Pakistan as squash can’t go without Pakistan and minus Pakistan the squash is zero.

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