Emma doesn’t know where she’ll live in the future

LOS ANGELES-Emma Stone doesn’t know where she’ll live in the future, and though she is loving life in New York she is contemplating moving because she wants to explore new places.

Emma Stone doesn’t know where she’ll live in the future. The ‘Battle of the Sexes’ actress is currently living in New York, and though she is enjoying her time in the Big Apple she is contemplating relocating in the future because she wants to discover new places within the city, although she has no idea where she’ll make her permanent base.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine, she said: ”Right now, I’m renting a house [in New York while filming ‘Maniac’]. I don’t know where I’m going to live for the rest of my life. That’s an interesting conundrum.

”I do love it. I’m looking to reinvigorate my relationship with the city. I go to the same restaurants and pretty much stay in the same two-block radius. ”I work in different places a lot of the time and it just makes me feel very comforted to be within the same two blocks.”

Emma plays tennis legend Billie Jean King in ‘Battle of the Sexes’, and she has revealed she honed her skills on the court by spending months doing basic training with the iconic sportswoman before they started shooting.

She explained: ”Our tennis coach, Vince Spadea, who was also Steve’s (Carrell, co-star) body double gave me tennis lessons every day once we were actually into it.

”But I met Billie Jean a couple of months before we started shooting.

”We went to this court in New York and she realised no one had ever really played catch with me or monitored my hand-eye coordination.

”I turned into a human golden retriever, and she would just throw the balls at me. We had to start simply. So that was what my tennis lesson was like with her, it was playing catch.”

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