MMA restoration is a trap for Jama’at-e-Islami

Restoration of MMA is a trap and appeared as a lame excuse for inability to work on real agenda, i.e., making country ideologically strong: 

This text is written after hearing an important news; that decision makers of religious political parties have decided to restore MMA. The assumption behind re-establishment of MMA is to get political mileage by scoring maximum seats in the upcoming election. So the primary target of establishing MMA is just to gain a size able electoral position by increasing seats. It is not formed to achieve any greater target of building or strengthening the ideology of the country. To me it’s not an aggressive approach but an offensive one. Letting everything in the hands of few decision makers without bothering to take into account the overall consequences and impact on the society, would demotivate all real stakeholders. I am not of opinion that increase in seats should not be a target. Yes, it is a target but not at the cost of loosing the mainstream position. In a modern and globally connected world, we can’t afford staying outside the legitimate societal composition, if we really wish to play an active role in policy making, i.e. outcomes of politics. We have to be vigilant and well aware of the global and domestic situation on all fronts inclusing, socio-economical and political. The chances of bringing people near a genuine cause me ideological narration building through logical discourse are very high. But question is, why we are stuck somewhere in the past. After the advent of new social media and easy access to every latest news, Pakistani society has extremely been transformed in an open society. So to approach and win public support logically is all possible, as compare to the past. 

Look at the style of other main stream political parties, what they do? They do nothing but align themselves with public opinion. They keep a keen eye on the trends in society. We can look at the example of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), People’s Party (PPP), Muslim League (N) etc. Their actions against court charges. How confidently they deny all charges publicly and portray themselves as heroes. Although a majority of people are fed up with their unpopular contradictory stances, inability to perform as needed, corruption stories, etc. But due to not having a voice for remedy, they are highly desperate and frustrated. 

Now have a look at religious political leadership. 

Unfortunately, religious leadership has lost credibility as alternative to already existing pragmatic politicians. MMA does nothing except to broaden the differences in an already confused society. MMA bracket Jama’at a sectarian. small segmented organization instead of main stream political party with national agenda. Jama’at should become a mainstream influential political party. It has all necessary potential and resources to reach that level. As part of MMA Jama’at waste another five years to plan, do act and check things ideologically and for some extent freely. Pakistannis ideological mainstream political party to be in power. There is no short cut to make country ideologically strong except to utilize all potential at its fullest. If it is as then why to leave clear visionary journey aside for a short, narrow targeted approach. MMA is a trap, it cost a huge price to Jama’at afterward. 

What if this alliance met with no targets accomplishment, then what planners would do? 

The only way to bring all likeminded political parties (look, what Musharraf has done? Initiated, a political alliance with small parties) along with, is to raise Jama’at stature as high the level to main stream party. Otherwise the last experience will repeat once again. These religious political parties are not capable enough to think for whole society and ready to give other religious parties due share, previous situation of MMA bears testimony to the tact. JUI(F) is already exposed as opportunist party and JI as organizational-cum- non-public party. 2002 was a different time, if we compare it with current situation. So the chance to get same public support seems impossible. PTI is in better position than 2013 due to success (de-seating of Nawaz on court charges. Fazal-ur-Rehman is still supporting PML(N). 

The important point, not to be ignored, is, why to show the world that in Pakistan Islam loving people are not more than 10% to 15%. Exposing limited following of Islam in the country that is built on Islamic ideology is disastrous. Please do not do this again. 

Last but not the least, are we, as Jama’at, heading toward an end to ideological discourses in the country. What if Jama’at is diluted in other streams, who would toe real Islamic narrative in Pakistan. 

In obsession to increase few seats if we lose pace of sincere attachment, whom would be charge responsible? 

The decision makers, the workers or the forces who bring us to this decision? 

For God sake! don’t play a game that suits others. What suits us, a complete participation in decision making with zeal to make country ideologically developed. On this agenda all alliances are welcomed with open heart but not on agenda of narrow seat securing mentality. 

In short, difference is of big picture and a small dot. We are after a small dot for nothing. Big picture is continuously changing with new actors in the scene. So there are chances to hold more things in hands for better playing, the political game. I am unable to understand at one end we do not want to establish a separate political wing even but on other hand, we are dying for MMA. Isn’t it something that comes under lame excuse of inability to perform in big picture, confidently. 

Come on, apply “think big and get big” approach at least this time for getting food results in the coming election. 


Lahore, November 29. 

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