No unconstitutional threat to govt

ISLAMABAD –  The hostile position taken by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif against the superior judiciary in his public addresses though imperils the incumbent political dispensation with some mishap and stepping in of some technocrats set-up for longer period, yet the ground realities are altogether different with no mainstream political party prepared for anything unconstitutional against the government.

Background interviews with political leaders belonging to various political parties, including the ruling PML-N as well as the information gathered from sources in the Parliament and other stakeholders, it could safely be said that all and sundry in the power corridors want to see the incumbent government complete its mandated term. At least on this single point agenda even the political parties with extreme divergent viewpoint with each other are in agreement.

First of all the ruling PML-N is having comfortable strength in the National Assembly and the rumours of forward bloc within the party had died down with only a couple of dozen members from South Punjab still have some reservations with the government but with no serious threat to its existence.

Right now when no opposition party was interested to bring down the government, the only plausible way to send the incumbent political dispensation home is Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s advice to President of Pakistan for dissolution of the National Assembly.

Though Pakistan People’s Party leadership had time and again refused to sit with ruling PML-N and help it accomplish some essential legislative business but still their leadership was of the view that for the smooth transition of power to the next government the ruling PML-N must complete its mandated term.

Leader of Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah had time and again said that PPP would standby the Parliament in case of any crisis and made it loud and clear that they would vehemently oppose and resist if any attempt to bring some technocrat set-up is made.

A senior parliamentarian smilingly commented, the issue of technocrats’ set-up is just confined to a drawing room gossip and has nothing to do with reality. He further said that when both ruling PML-N and main opposition Pakistan People’s Party wanted to see the government complete its term and the chances of any intervention from outside was unlikely then how the incumbent dispensation could be sent packing.

Several times in the recent past, armed forces spokesman had also minced no words while saying that army would be standing with constitution and the system have no threat from the institution as army would continue to perform its duties remaining within the ambit of constitution.

Army’s role in resolving the recent sit-in by a religious group at Fiazabad Interchange was enough to prove that armed forces were confined to its constitutional role, otherwise the fast aggravating situation across the country in the aftermath of flopped police operation against the protesters in Federal Capital had provided enough ground for sending the government to pack up.

So keeping in view the role armed forces has been playing for past few years, political analysts are rightly ruling out chances of any military intervention now. “If there is any threat to the incumbent political dispensation it is from within as right now there is no external element desiring to unseat the government of PML-N,” they added.

Like PPP other major political parties, including Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf all wanted to see the government complete its mandated term but they do have reservations over the mechanism of formation of caretaker set-up, as right now it the picking up of caretaker set-up will completely on the sweet will of Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly.

Though Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf was out with demand of early elections dubbing the PML-N led government a complete failure, its leaders too were against the installation of any technocrats set-up and wanted smooth transfer of power to the next government.

It was with this spirit and considerations in mind that elections should not delay at any cost, almost all political parties, even those having serious reservations over the current census results, will be agreeing to the piece of legislation to hold the next general elections on the basis of provincial census results.

Political analysts said that the impression of some untoward happening with the political dispensation was coming from the hostile position former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has taken against the superior judiciary and some hidden forces behind the conspiracy against him.

These analysts further said that it was generally assumed that former premier Nawaz Sharif wanted some mishap with the system as by doing so he could portray himself and his party a victim of some conspiracy against democratic order in the country.

But as there is no threat to the system both from within and outside the parliament right now so the question of any technocrats’ set-up to replace the incumbent government seemed out of place.

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