QWP concerned over growing terror incidents

PESHAWAR – Qaumi Watan Party Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chapter Chairman Sikandar Hayat Sherpao, while expressing concern over the rapid increase in terrorist activities in the province, has asked the provincial government to take appropriated measures in this regard.

Sikandar Hayat Sherpao said that due to the ill-political well, the provincial government had failed to take concrete steps for protection of the masses and the innocent souls.

He said this while addressing the party distracts meeting at Watan Kor Peshawar wherein the party central General Secretary Hashim Babar and Asad Afridi among others were present on this occasion.

Sikandar said that due to the political behaviour of the PTI-led provincial government the lives of the general public had put on standstill and the fresh wave of terrorism is the one big example of the failure of the political will in the province.

He said that the people of the province had rendered numerous sacrifices in the war against terrorism but the government was yet to take concrete efforts for their protection and their properties and NAP hasn’t delivered results concern.

He said that the PTI entire leadership isn’t interested to solve the problems of the masses and Imran Khan has the only motive is to become the prime minister of the country while his entire politics only limited to Punjab.

He said that Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa faced serious financial, administrative crises but the provincial government had begun to spend millions of rupees on a media campaigns to highlight its so-called achievements of the government and they hadn’t delivered zero in the PTI-led province.

He stressed that Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa needed an honest and competent leadership for its welfare that steers the province out of the existing phenomenal problems.

The QWP leader said that it is a concomitant obligation to have an honest and wise leadership to bring the real changes in lives of the masses, not the one who wasted the precious time of the general public by just sloganeering.

He expressed grave concern over the unannounced and excessive gas load-shedding in the parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Sherpao said in summer the electricity and in winter the gas load shedding had made the lives of the people the province miserable.

He said that QWP was the staunchest opponent of the early polls in the country as it will harm the unity and democracy in the country and week the state’s institutions.

The provincial leader said that the upcoming elections should be held at its scheduled time and the present provincial and federal legislatures live their full life.

He said that the QWP would safeguard the public well and would favor any unconstitutional move that insults the public mandate.

Sikandar urged the federal government to stop hurting the sentiments of the people of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa by limiting its development agenda only to Punjab.

He said that the aim of Qaumi Watan Party was for the Pakhtuns rights. He added that the only objective of the QWP was the welfare of Pakhtuns rights.


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