SU professor escapes unhurt in armed attack

HYDERABAD –  The Director of Institute of English Language and Literature (IELL) of Sindh University came under an armed attack at Lunikot on Saturday.

According to SSP Jamshoro Irfan Bahadur, Prof Dr Rafique Memon along with an associate was travelling from Jamshoro to Thatta when he was stopped near Lunikot by two persons riding a motorbike.”Both the bike riders were wearing helmets. They stopped the car. One of them came down and fired a shot,” the SSP said.

The bullet hit the car’s windscreen and dashboard and later got stuck in the steering rod, he added. Prof Memon survived unhurt while the assailants escaped.

The SSP ruled out that the incident could be of car snatching. “The car was stopped but they didn’t try to snatch it,” he said.

Prof Memon informed that he was travelling to Thatta campus where he took classes every Saturday. “I don’t have enmity with anyone. I also don’t have suspicion on anyone,” he said.

He later lodged an FIR at Lunikot police station under section 324 of CrPC nominating two unknown assailants.


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