Uncertainty of students

The students living in private hostels in Lahore are in a constant state of uncertainty. They don’t have facilitated they are paying for. The unhygienic food, unavailability of drinking water, absence of WiFi system and a lack of conducive study environment are major problems the students have to deal with on daily basis. In some hostels, a room which can accommodate hardly two students has allotted to three students. The warm water which is direly need in this winter season is not yet available, many students find it hard to take both with cool water.

Moreover, the high rented rooms and full volume music listening by some of the students have more exacerbated the deplorable conditions of the private hostels. This vulnerable plight of the private hostels not merely impacts the studies of the students, but also wastes their time and money.

I humbly urge Punjab government to take stern action against the negligence and carelessness of the private hostels owner. They should conduct the survey of all private hostels in order to resolve these issues of the students.


Lahore, November 17.

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