Muslim world and USA

Saudi-Iran rivalry dates back to Iranian revolution 1979. Above it, role of the USA is prime cause of their conflict between two Muslim countries. It was the USA who had remarkable ties with Iran before Iranian revolution. Indeed, Iranian Islamic revolutionary leader Ayatoolah Khomeni’s role later challenged the Western style secular government of pro USA leader Ahmed Raza shah pehlvi in Iran. Now the USA turned against Iranian Islamic government and became more closer to Saudi Arabia in order to achieve their vested interests in a region. 

Today, USA is doing what it is in its own interest. Being a claimant of champion of democracy it supports democratic governments in Arab world except in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, it imposes sanctions on Iranian Nuclear programme on the basis of suspicion but in the meantime it is doing naught for the Israelities nuclear sites. Simultaneously, whenever Israeli forces brutally kill and forcefully occupy Palestinians territories, it remains silent and call the Palestinian freedom fighters as the terrorists. Moreover, in order to raise the India as the competitor of China in an Asia it used some dialectic tactics of disturbing Middle east peace through Arab spring that threatened the Arab oil rich economies whose mostly beneficial was India because 2014 sharp cut in global oil prices under OPEC Saudi leadership gave boom to Indian economy upto 7 percent economic growth.In this way, it has stood India as the rival to China,s economy. Besides, it is presently adding fuel to the fire of Riyadh and Tehran relationships rather than asking two Muslim countries to resolve their disputes bilaterally. 

Therefore, as long as Muslim world problems are concerned, two regional powers Saudi and Iran should remind that USA is doing what would be in its own interest. A time may change when USA can change friends into foes. 


Shikarpur, November 16. 


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