PTI marks Sindh Culture Day

KARACHI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that we are proud to celebrate the Sindh Cultural Day and we pledge to develop the province and purge it from corruption and exploitation.

According to details, PTI celebrated the Sindh culture day in all towns and cities of the province. On the occasion, PTI workers wore Sindhi caps and Ajraks and danced on tunes of cultural songs.

In Karachi, a big rally was staged that was led by PTI Sindh senior executive vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh. The rally escorted by the Caravan Sindh bus, after marching in different roads, reached the Karachi Press Club (KPC) where it was accorded a warm welcome. Haleem Adil distributed sweets amongst the citizens and journalists.

Addressing on the occasion, Haleem Adil said that the culture of Sindh is a thousands of years old culture and we are proud to celebrate the day. He said all people living in Sindh are Sindhis. He said PTI Chairman Imran Khan has congratulated the whole Sindhi nation on this day. He said if a new Pakistan is a must then a new Sindh is also inevitable. He said presently the corrupt rulers have left no stone unturned to loot and plunder the province and deprive the citizens of even basic facilities.

He said on December 25, Imran Khan would visit Sindh and we will hold a big rally in the largest city of Sindh, Karachi. He said we love Sindh. He said we will sacrifice our lives but not leave Sindh on the mercy of these corrupt rulers. He said when Sindh is made prosperous it would also make the whole Pakistan prosperous. He said we will give a program of progress and property to Sindh to make its people happy and prosperous.



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