Transporters concerned over hike in POL prices

KARACHI – Anjuman-e-Ettehad Bus Malikan Karachi President Muhammad Ashraf Banglori on Sunday demanded the federal government to reverse the recent raise in the prices of petroleum products forthwith so as to provide relief to the people and transporters who are already passing through trouble times due to skyrocket prices hike of commodities.

According to statement released by Anjuman-e-Ettehad Bus Malikan, the recent rise in the prices of petroleum products by the government is an unjustified act because of the fact that the oil rates have not been increased in the international market.

In a statement, Banglori said that the rise in oil prices would severely affect the middle and poor class people. He criticized the government for increasing oil prices and demanded withdrawal of this unjustified raise with immediate effect. He said that the rise in the prices of petroleum products causes increase in the rates of other essential commodities and electricity tariff.

Such rise in oil prices will put heavy burden on the economy of the people who are already undergoing torments of price hike.

Banglori asked the government to adopt a positive approach and come forward with concrete measures to reduce the oil prices so that people and transporters community could take a sigh of relief.


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