Exhibition highlights sufferings of haemophilia patients

LAHORE – A photo exhibition showing sufferings of people suffering from haemophilia kicked off at Alhamra Art Gallery on Monday. The exhibition was inaugurated by the president of Save One Life NGO Laurie Kelley.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Following this, the Pakistan Haemophilia Patients Welfare Society (PHPWS) took this initiative under which a photographer was hired who visited different treatment centres to meet the community members and capture their sufferings and challenges.

This pictorial collection attempts to portray the challenges, treatment options, blood screening, community success stories and psychosocial aspect of haemophilia.

Laurie Kelley said, “All people with bleeding disorders in the developing world have the medical and economic resources necessary to live independent and productive lives. I help bringing medicine in Pakistan and support the families facing this cause,” she said.

Talking to The Nation PHPWS Treasurer Rauf Ahmad said, “Our aim is to provide a comprehensive haemophilia care to people suffering from haemophilia and unite them into a community motivated for self-help and mutual support. This is our first exhibition and through it we want to aware and educate people about this disease.

The injections we give to these patients are free of cost from our side,” he said.


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