IGP inaugurates Madadgar 15 centre

KARACHI – In order to ease the citizens’ complaints and eliminate the prank calls, Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Allah Dino Khawaja on Monday inaugurated the police helpline Madadgar 15 Response Centre at Airport police station.

Additional IG Karachi Mushtaq Mahar, Additional IG Special Branch, Zonal DIGs and district SSPs among several police officials were also presented at the occasion. Former IGPs including Aftab Nabi, Mushtaq Shah, Babar Khattak and Fayyaz Leghari also attended the ceremony. CPLC chief Zubair Habib also attended the inauguration ceremony.

IGP Sindh also briefed the participants about the latest equipment and the software installed at the centre. Madadgar 15 mobile application, call centre operator location identification and map location for mobile phone users, confirmation of task by police force and response about the task are included in the modern Madadgar 15 centre.

The citizens now download the “Police 15” application from the play store in their cell phones and even the citizens are themselves registered in the website “police15madadgar.com” as the registered citizens will be on priority.

“This modern centre will help in improving the police performance ahead of helping the citizens,” said IGP Sindh in his address. “The accountability of the DSPs and SHOs concerned will more effective now.” He said that there are buildings with the names of the response centre in entire world and Sindh police also did an effort about to ease the problems of the citizens and it will up the morale of the police force.

The role of the CPLC will also be proved beneficial ahead of this centre, said the IGP Sindh, added that the process about to outsource the Madadgar 15 is underway while the Sindh government is the final authority about to take a decision in this regard. “I am thankful to the Sindh government, especially of the Sindh chief minister who has a positive response on the subject,” he said. “After outsourcing, the new 15 helpline will have latest recording systems and properly trained educated staff to handle calls and to promptly react on complains.”

He said that for the first time in the history of the Sindh police, the Sindh police welfare monthly budget has been increased from 55 million rupees, adding that the Sindh police welfare has currently Rs400m in reserve. “The process about to turn a Sindh police hospital at Police Headquarters, Garden into a modern hospital will start soon,” IGP said.

Additional IG Karachi Mushtaq Mahar said that there would be a complete elimination of the prank calls with the latest and modern centre, adding that he appealed to the citizens to inform the police only about the criminal cases and avoid the complaints about the personal issues.  “The Madadgar 15 and its vehicles have been separated and now this centre, its force and the vehicles will not be used in the VIPs duties,” he clarified. “500 more motorcycles with latest cameras installed will be a part of this centre by the end of the coming February.”

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