Is it a crime to be Students of Governmental schools?

It is the four thousandth query to the Head of Education Board if Governmental students are considered actual students? Petty Governmental students faced a huge unforgettable injustice and they are still facing numerous problems and difficulties. As we all know that Education plays an extreme role but many of people among us can’t afford it in a proper way and for these students government is providing great source for learning like scholarships in order to gain good education. Scholarships which help and support these students financially. 

Recently, Baluchistan Government announced some Beef scholarship to those students who has obtained 850 marks but those were distributed to the private schools students not the governmental ones. But it really hurts governmental students whose forms were not signed by the principal of GGIC(Government Girls Inter College) of Turbat. It is a fact that private students obtained higher marks then the governmental ones. So, on the basis of marks they made the applicant of the scholarship to those students who belongs to private institutions. But from the government side scholarship is only for governmental students. The point is that private students must not be applicant of this scholarship as the main purpose is that they were suppose to distribute it both of them the private and government ones. 

It seems unfortunate that opportunities are just provided to private students not government ones. It is mishap that scholarship are missing for the governmental ones. It is mind boggling. What is the purpose or providing the scholarships to those students who are already well to do? Secondly, the word is coming in mind that the necessary and specific rights are not being put up by the governmental students for the purpose of achieving their destination. The right to the education is an universal entitlement to the students. Every students have the right to get scholarship. 

So, the District and Provincial education department need to work harder to ensure schools infrastructure is provided at all levels in the provinces. Finally, it is my humble request to the newly Head of Education Board please pay heed to students request and I hope that with the passage of tie they will figure our this dilemma and provide the equal rights to the governmental schools students who had obtained less marks but talented. 


Turbat, November 18. 

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