Italy raises question on the issue of human rights in Pakistan

Islamabad: Italy raised a question to Pakistan on unsatisfactory measures taken on the issue of human rights and suggested to EU to suspend Pakistan’s GSP Plus status until it stops persecution against the minorities in the country.

Documents available with Online, the Italian Senators raised the question in the Senate to suspend Pakistan’s GSP Plus status and asked to stop persecution against children, women and minorities in Pakistan.

Members of the Italian Senate Mr. Domenico DE SIANO, Mr. Franco CARDIELLO, Mr. Enzo FASANO, Mr. Cosimo SIBILIA, Mr. Domenico AURICCHIO Raised a question to the Italian Minister of the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Economic Development asking to stop the support for the renewal of the GSP Plus of Pakistan by the European Commission.

In the question raised they criticized Pakistan being the CRADLE of International Terrorism, due to the GSP plus the Italian textile industry has been hit, Pakistan does not respect the protection of women, children and minorities.

The question mentioned that the GSP plus of Pakistan should not be renewed until they fulfil the basic human rights of all and stop persecution against underprivileged groups of the societies in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Italy is the second largest country in Europe providing free trade access to Pakistani products under GSP plus.

The current bilateral trade volume between two countries has risen up 1.5 billion during the current fiscal year.

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