Mediamen’s services underscored

KASUR – Mediamen serve as eyes and ears for the administration through which it witnesses public miseries and hears the problems people are faced with.

Kasur Press Club President Haji Sharif Mehr expressed these views while talking to media here the other day.

He said that mediamen raise voice against the prevailing injustice in the society. He said that journalists put their lives in danger to highlight the brutalities being committed against the poor and the deprived segments of the society.

“Field reporters are attacked, hurt and even killed in the line of duty notwithstanding the government’s tall claims concerning steps for the protection of mediamen,” he regretted. He termed media fourth pillar of the state, adding journalists perform duty despite threats to their lives. He demanded the government take effective steps for the protection of journalists so that they could work in a safe environment. It would help convey public complaints to the high-ups in a befitting way, he pointed out.




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