‘71 percent feeders in IESCO region loadshedding–free’

Islamabad – Chief Executive Officer Islamabad Electric Supply Company, Basit Zaman, has said that 71 percent feeders in the IESCO region are loadshedding free while 291 are still facing power outages.

Following the federal government directives, IESCO has made its 744 feeders, with less than 10 percent losses, load shedding free, said CEO IESCO Basit Zaman while addressing a press conference here. He said that out of total 1035 feeders, 744 feeders with 1947819 consumers, which were earlier facing 3-4 hours loadshedding have now been declared loadshedding free.

 He added that 163 feeders with 702873 consumers have 10 to 20 percent losses and will be facing two hours loadshedding, instead of the previous 3-4 hours outages. Similarly 16 feeders with 20-30 percent losses will face two hours loadshedding instead of earlier 6-8 hours outages, he maintained. Basit Zaman said that eight feeders, with 30 to 40 percent losses, which were previously facing 10 hours outages, are now facing 4 hour load shedding.  Chief IESCO said that 12 feeders, with 40-60 percent losses, the loadshedding has been cut down to six hours from the earlier 12-16 hours.

Regarding electricity supply, he said that government and Energy division is providing electricity to IESCO as per its demand but some areas are facing loadshedding due to reasons such theft, losses and management issues.

“Government has given us target for the reduction of losses and we are taking steps to achieve those targets and make IESCO region 100 percent loadshedding free,” he added.

He said that 91 feeders with more than 50 percent losses are located and Azad Jammu and Kashmir where IESCO is facing recovery problems. Replying a query he said AJK owes the biggest amount to IESCO which is Rs 59 billion.

When asked whether Auditor General of Pakistan took any action against those involved in the scam of faulty meters, Basit Zaman replied that no faulty meters were acquired by IESCO and that AGP report is wrong. On being questioned about how IESCO is going to compensate consumers with faulty meters who are receiving monthly bill over Rs2000 in winter, IESCO chief said that it is their policy to replace the faulty meters within one month of the complaints.

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