Armeena Rana Khan slams hate reviews once again

Pakistani-Canadian film and TV actress Armeena Rana Khan has once again slammed the haters’ negative reviews last night through her Twitter account.

She tweeted a photo with the following caption: 

“I’m so done with political correctness. This is a hand made gown by an international couturier going since the 1950’s. This an expensive SILK gown, the material was luscious. Sorry “honey” pls stick to your day job if you have one! you know nothing about fashion.”

In the picture, as you can see, the actress is dressed in a grey silk gown and the text on the picture reads, “The proportions look way off and the colour is hideous, however, we could have ignored all of that had the fabric not looked so cheap. Sorry honey, but you are standing there in a terrible outfit.”

The actress seem to be quite frustrated over how this publication has put their hate reviews into words as she vented out on Twitter. 

And not only people but many celebrities showed their concern and support for Armeena over this issue.

Mawra Hocane’s reply to Armeena’s tweet:

“I think you look absolutely stunning Armeena. These personal attacks need to stop! Nonsense!!!”

Armeena thanked Mawra and said, “Thank you 🙂 I don’t normally single out publications out who criticise me, they do it all the time. But calling a beautiful, hand-made gown cheap tested my patience.”

The actress had worn this gown to the Inaugural Ball for ‘Football for Peace’ last month as her tweet shows:

Armeena is not the only one being targeted by the internet trolls more than once this year but she has always made a comeback and shut the haters down pretty well.

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