Evening shift teachers seek pay raise

Teachers of several government colleges, who teach students in Second Shift, have demanded that the Punjab government increase their salaries.  According to a press release, they said that most of teachers were receiving Rs10,000 to 15,000 salary per month that was not sufficient to meet their expenses.

They urged the government to increase their salary to Rs30,000 per month. They said that a labourer in this country was getting Rs 20,000 per month.  They said a number of teachers were compelled to live hand to mouth as they could not do part-time jobs.

Teachers said the first shift teaching staff was receiving Rs35,000 per month, whereas duty timings of both shifts were same. They said many incentives were not being given to evening teaching staff, which shows there was no difference between a labourer and a teacher.  They said colleges’ administration was also reluctant to demand funds for evening teaching staff.

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