Indian astrologer’s tweets about Pakistan: RAW might be handling twitter handle

ISLAMABAD –  Tweets apparently by an Indian national predicting some key developments in Pakistan including possible attempt on Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed’s life, have raised speculation among Pakistani authorities that the twitter handle in question is being handled by Indian foreign intelligence agency, the RAW. 

Anirudh Kumar Mishra, who claims to be an Indian national and an astrologer, and tweets using the handle @Anirudh_Astro, has made a number of predictions about key developments in Pakistan, and claims that a number of his predictions have turned out to be true.

“Pakistan should look over Hafeez Saeed’s security as he is in entering in Shani Mangal effect in 2018 and may get involved in a bomb blast,” Mishra tweeted on November 26th predicting that the JuD chief might get involved in a bomb blast next year.

In Indian astrology, Shani Mangal yoga is known as the most powerful and dangerous yoga. If this yuti or combination of the two planets is placed in horoscope in any house, it indicates that the person may face some problems in career, health issues or any type of accident.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) in the last week of November issued release orders of the JuD chief after it rejected the Punjab provincial government’s request to extend his detention.

Hafiz Saeed, as well as his party the JuD, are facing the UN sanctions because of their alleged involvement in 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The Indian astrologer, Mishra also claims that his prediction of December 1st terrorist attack on Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in Peshawar, was quite right only with error of a day.

“#PeshawarAttack Right prediction but error of a day. Next prediction is Pakistan will go through 5 major terrorist attacks till mid February,” he tweeted.

Some unidentified terrorists had stormed the hostel of Peshawar’s ATI last Friday morning and as a result many people were killed and over 30 were injured.

“Terrorist attacks may happen in Pakistan within November,” he had tweeted on October 12, 2017.

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its meeting held on December 4th had taken up the issue of Mishra’s tweets about the Peshawar terrorist attack and directed the Ministry of Interior and the Foreign Office to look into some of his other tweets signalling possibility of more such attacks.

Expressing his concern over the fresh wave of terrorism across the country, Senator Rehman Malik had said that “India was behind terrorism in Pakistan and its agency the RAW was using Afghanistan soil for its nefarious activities.”

Referring to the tweets of Mr Mishra, he said that it was evident from his tweet that India was involved in terrorism in Pakistan.

He directed the Ministry of Interior to investigate and take the matter at an international forum.

“Why so much panic on an astrologer in Pakistan? I have predicted about earthquake, elections and sports too. If I was from any agency why I would have alerted you? My prediction of terrorist attack on USA came true as well,” the self-proclaimed Indian astrologer tweeted in response to the remarks of Senator Malik.

In another tweet on September 21st, Mishra said, “Because Mexico had an earthquake, I tried to calculate in sub-continent and found that one may occur in Pakistan within the end of October.”

He claims that his prediction about the killing of former al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad also proved true.

“My first major prediction on 18 April 2011 on Facebook was that a famous shoot out will happen in the next 17 days. And Osama Bin Laden was shot on May 2nd 2011,” he tweeted in reply to a question as to “What was your first prediction (error of the day)?”



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