Islam in the west

It may be East, West, North or South; the essence of Islam remains same. The way of preaching may differ though because of the difference of life style in various regions of the world. West enjoy an unending atmosphere of music and luxuries. In that hustle and bustle Islam comes as a moderator. Muslims in the West face more problems as compare to those of the East. The Muslim dress code becomes difficult to follow and a term called Islamophobia prevails. 

Having said that, according to trust worthy researches the crime rates among United States of America are less in Muslim neighborhoods. Non-Muslims and majority of Americans world prefer living in a Muslim neighborhood . The question is that if these argument are accepted true, then what is with this Islamophobia? We know that media is controlled by some masterminds in the world who also control the world economy. Most of them are Jews. Hence, appreciation is developed among the masses that Muslim are terrorists and life become miserable in the west for Muslim. Then the question arises How to combat this problem? 

Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was a person who spread the message of peace by spreading Islam. He taught us to convince through actions and not coercion. It is found that almost 90% of Americana have never talked to a Muslim. They have never met, one ironically. Then now on this earth would they improve the image of Islam in their minds? One way is to hold seminars about Islam and talk to the general public about this religion of peace, “Islam Finds Its Roots in Peace and not in war-fare” 

Once this quotation is inculcated into the minds of the people of the West, we would see that acceptance will surely come. In the East, Prayer calls can be heard in the cities and countryside while in west these prayer calls are absent. People have to make way toward the mosque at the right time themselves. Fortunately due to the character of the Muslims, Islam is spreading like wild fire in the west as well. ln fact, it has the honor of the highest conversion rate among all religions. Having said that, many efforts are needed to strengthen Islam in West. And that can only be brought about it if, we , Muslims regardless of where we live, agree on the fact that we need to be united. That we should spread the message of Islam by following the steps of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H. May Allah grant us the capacity to do that. (Ameen) 


Islamabad, December 4. 

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