Over 500 cancer patients screened in October

Islamabad – More than 500 patients of cancer, especially breast cancer, were screened free of cost in Noori hospital during in October, celebrated as a month of awareness against the fatal disease.

A spokesman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Shahid Riaz Khan said that they had organised a number of events throughout the country to create awareness among the people, including seminars, workshops, symposiums and walks, apprising the people that cancer could be treated if diagnosed at earlier stage.

He said that currently, 35 hospitals were providing cancer treatment in the country among which 18 were running under the PAEC, adding that the PAEC hospitals catered to 80 per cent of the patients.

Moreover, he added, three hospitals are also providing mobile clinic services for the patients of far flung areas who could not have access to reach hospitals themselves. The three hospitals are BINO in Bahawalpur, NIMRA in Jamshoro and JINUM in Gujranwala, he shared.

He also asked people to contact directly to hospitals at the earliest stage of the disease rather than wasting their time and money to experience alternate treatments.

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