PTI submits motion in SA over street racing

Karachi – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Parliamentary Leader in Sindh Assembly Khurram Sher Zaman on Tuesday submitted an adjournment motion in the assembly over street racing in Karachi which has claimed the lives of several youngsters.

The motion was submitted in the wake of an incident in which a youngster was killed while another was injured in a dispute over street racing in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) two days back.

Zaman, who also belongs to the DHA, submitted the motion. He stated in the motion that the assembly should relax all its rules to discuss an important matter of street racing in the city.

He opined that street racing led to crimes. “In addition, people are killed and injured in this reckless activity,” he added.

He said that people of the area wanted to know what the Sindh police and the provincial government was doing or planning to curb this activity.

He further asked the home minister to crackdown on street racing immediately or resign, if he was not able to act.

Later, talking to The Nation, Zaman said that scuffles between youth during and after the street racing events were common and resulted in horrible consequences. He said that street racing was itself a dangerous sport, and had already claimed the lives of several youngsters due to less frequent use of safety gadgets by them.

“It is the responsibility of the provincial government to ensure safety of the citizens and, therefore, it should act promptly in order to avoid repeat of such incidents in future,” Zaman said, and added that the claims of provincial government that it had ensured peace in the city seemed to have lost their credibility when seen in view of the fact that sons of influential people still openly flaunt their arms and use these at will.

He said that PTI would raise the issue in the assembly so that proper action could be ensured against the activity that was not only spoiling the youth, but was also endangering their lives.

He reiterated that it was the responsibility of the home minister to protect the lives and properties of people. “And if he is unable to take action against culprits, then he should resign from his post,” he argued.



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