‘Topi and Ajrak Day’ celebrated

JACOBABAD – Only those nations survive which preserve their culture and traditions, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) District Information Secretary Raaz Khan Pathan on Tuesday.

Speaking at a ceremony held here at a private school to celebrate ‘Topi and Ajrak Day’, Pathan said that Sindh’s centuries old culture and traditions were based on love, peace and harmony and were still alive in history.

Pathan further said that Sindh was the land of Sufis, spiritual leaders and shrines. “It is the land of those people who have always rendered their services for the propagation of peace and love in the region,” he said, and hoped that by holding such programmes, the message of peace and love could be spread.

PTI leader, on the occasion, was also gifted with Sindhi cap and Ajrak by principal of the school.

Students presented tableaus and participated in debates to highlight the significance of cap and Ajrak in the Sindhi culture.



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