Haj expenses would be same for next year, minister

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said on Thursday the Haj expenses would be same for next year on the government scheme.

Addressing a ceremony in Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the religious minister said there were difficulties due to the reduction of 20% Haj quota from the Saudi government but 20 % quota has now been restored and the number increased to 189, 000.

Talking about his efforts to improve the performance of the ministry Yousaf said: “mega corruption scandals have been happening in the ministry before I took charge but there are no such acts in the ministry nowadays.”

He maintained that “the applications of Haji’s could not be fulfilled before we came into the power but the number of applicants increased to three times now.”

The minister appealed to the Prime Minister to request the Saudi government to increase the number of applications according to the population.

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