Hugh Jackman ditched James Bond role for X-Men 2

NEW YORK-Hugh Jackman has become an undeniable Wolverine for X-Men fans, yet there was a chance that he could’ve played Bond instead.

During an interview with Variety, the Aussie actor revealed that he was one of the candidates shortlisted to play the role of James Bond in the 007 series.

“I was about to do X-Men 2 and a call came from my agent asking if I’d be interested in Bond. I just felt at the time that the scripts had become so unbelievable and crazy, and I felt like they needed to become grittier and real,” he said. “And the response was: ‘Oh, you don’t get a say. You just have to sign on.’ I was also worried that between Bond and X-Men, I’d never have time to do different things.”

But you know which film he went ahead with.

Could you imagine Hugh Jackman as Bond though? We think he’d made a fine spy, after all, who doesn’t love a man in a tailored suit.

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