JUI-F asks why other Panama nominees get off scot-free

MULTAN-Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F leader and Senator Hafiz Hamdullah has demanded strict action against all the people named in Panama Papers as the Sharif family was brought to book.
Addressing a news conference, he said that the names of 500 people surfaced in Panama leaks but the verdict came against just one family. He added that the politicians were abused but who could dare abuse the generals.
He claimed that the opposition parties including PTI and PPPP opposed him when he demanded withdrawal of amendment in Khatm-e-Nubuwwat declaration. “However, Raja Zafarul Haq, Zahid Hamid and other treasury members supported my demand,” he added. He said that if Imran Khan held a meeting with Maulana Samiul Haq it was his personal matter and no one could bar anyone from holding meetings. He said that the JUI-F did not believe in armed politics and a declaration from all religious parties existed since 2010.
He said that he did not see PTI in KPK in the next elections, adding that the JUI-F would win the elections in KPK and Balochistan if transparent polls were held. He said that although no politician could make anticipation on the politics of Pakistan, the fate of the politics was in their own hands.
He said that 14 people were martyred in Model Town tragedy and getting justice is the legal right of their families. “The families of the martyrs are knocking at each door for the last three years for justice,” he lamented.
He said that the National Action Plan was not constituted by just political leadership rather both the political and military leadership worked it out. He added that Balochistan government was also given the mandate to hold talks with angry Balochs. “We talked `to Brahmdagh Bugti twice under this mandate and he also communicated that he was ready for the dialogue but we do not know why there is no progress,” he said.
He pointed out that former president Musharraf raised the slogan of accountability and ruled the country for nine years. “He made alliance with those who were involved in corruption,” he maintained. He added that Parvez Musharraf patronised MQM for nine years.
The JUI leader anticipated that five permanent members of the UN Security Council were going to fight a massive war in our region. “It will also affect our country,” he added. He said that India poked her nose in Pakistan via Afghanistan but Pakistan was busy making friendship with the US. He said that the religious institutions had nothing to do with terrorism or arms. He added that Taliban were not recognised by seminaries rather by the state.

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