Locals protest against gas loadshedding

Kandhkot – The locals on Wednesday recorded their protest against suspension in gas supply as well as low pressure.

Residents of various areas of the city, including Malik Mohallah, Eidgah and Gunya, were carrying kitchen utensils in their hands like spoons, plates, knives and fry pans.

Talking to media on the occasion, the protestors said that due to gas loadshedding for several hours, they were facing difficulties, especially while cooking food. They lamented that despite paying inflated bills, they were compelled to use wood for cooking purposes.

They grumbled that they had to buy food items from the market at the time of breakfast, as the gas supply at that time was usually suspended. Sometimes it happens that our children go to schools without food, they added. They further complained that the same routine of loadshedding also persisted at night, and they had to suffer in cold. They demanded Sui Southern Gas Limited (SSGL) and other authorities concerned ensure smooth supply of gas to their areas.




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