Shameful DI Khan episode

It has been weeks since a 16 year old orphan girl was paraded naked in a KPK village Gara Matt located in Tehsil Draban in DI Khan. This is an issue depicting the moral degradation that seems to inflict every nook and corner of this unfortunate country that we call an Islamic Republic. Here poor can be disgraced, their girls shamed but nothing happens. Whether it is the murder of Tania in front of her parents in Jhangaara near Sehwan, Sindh for refusing to marry a rogue, spoiled son of a Vadera or this unfortunate 16 year old orphan forced to parade naked in a KPK village; the Police has assumed the role of wolves guarding the political elites and influential electables. 

PTI is trying to dismiss the issue as a squabble between two of its politicians Kundi and Gandapur. Instead of focusing on heinous crime committed or bringing the culprits to book they want to brush the issue under the carpet as soon as possible. The police as usual has not even mentioned name of criminal beasts whom this unfortunate daughter of Eve identified. So what is the difference? What about this rhetoric and claims of PTI about being a party of change, or are we to assume that this sick syndrome called MCP (Male Chauvinist Pigs) also afflicts those who run PTI? It reminds us of the similar claims by the self claimed leader of Enlightened Moderation, Pervaiz Musharraf and the manner in which he treated Dr Shazia- a rape victim, or his comments in USA where he suggested that females use rape as a tool to gain immigration. 


Sukkur, November 20. 

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