Child released on payment of ransom

KARACHI – The seven-year-old boy, who had been kidnapped on Wednesday, was finally released on Thursday, after his captors received ransom from his parents.

The child was kidnapped from Street 26, Defence within the limits of Sahil police when his mother was taking him to school. Armed men came on a motorbike and a car and abducted the child.

Sources revealed that the kidnappers negotiated with child’s parents on social media, asking them to reach different locations.

They further said that the family kept roaming in various streets on the direction of kidnappers and finally paid the ransom at Dalmiya.

As soon as the kidnappers received the amount, they handed over the child to the parents.

Police, however, was unable to track down the calls made on social media.

Similarly, parents of the child have also declined to cooperate with police to ensure the arrest of the kidnappers.

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