Fowzia demands justice for Aafia

KARACHI – Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has appealed all local and international Islamic, political, social and human rights parties and groups, as well as, organizations of students lawyers and journalists to raise a strong voice for Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who has been languishing in foreign captivity despite being innocent for last 14 years, so that she could be released unconditionally and sent back home to join her family.

In a statement here in connection with the International Human Rights Day, she appealed to hold special programs, seminars, conferences and protests demos on December 10 at national and international level to highlight the violation of the basic human rights of Aafia.

She also instructed the volunteers of Aafia Movement to participate in programs on this day regarding the issues related to the missing persons, innocent Pakistanis jailed in foreign prisons, and safeguard of the basic rights of citizens.

Dr Fowzia said that the government, parliament and other institutions are present, but still common man is not getting justice and basic human rights. She said the daughter of the nation has been waiting doling out justice to her for last 14 years. She said the case of Aafia is the open violation of the Charter of the United Nations. She said Aafia was a Pakistani citizens and her shifting from Afghanistan to the United States of America was an illegal act.

She said this is why her subsequent court trial and keeping her in jail is also illegal and a blatant violation of human rights.


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