Gilani terms Nawaz victim of own policies

SAHIWAL – Nawaz Sharif would not have faced ‘disgrace and humiliation’ had he strengthened the parliament and democratic norms in the country. There is none other than he himself who has undermined the dream of civilian supremacy in Pakistani politics.

This was stated by former premier Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani during a media talk here. He said Nawaz Sharif is criticizing and blaming both judiciary and establishment for conspiring against his government but during his tenure, he did not bother to tell the parliament and different parliamentary committees that what kind of conspiracies had allegedly been hatched by the establishment. Mr Gilani said it is obligatory for Nawaz to tell the Parliament what sort of pressure he and his political allies had been facing from establishment.

Gilani said that he as a premier in the PPP government had called the ‘establishment’ four times in the Parliament for seeking a reply on Abbottabad Operation and Salala check-post attack. He categorically denied any impression that the PPP will be dealing with establishment for coming into power.

He said the PPP believes in public power would come into power with public assistance not through any ‘back channels’. Without naming, he said those who have changed their loyalties would not create “new Pakistan”. He said the PML-N government unnecessarily touched Khatme Nubuwwat issue which had been settled by Z A Bhutto. He said TLYR sit-in at Faizabad was an example of “bad governance”.


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