N playing role of vanguard for sanctity of vote: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Under the stewardship of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif the PML-N is playing the role of a vanguard for the sanctity of vote because only by upholding the sanctity of vote it is possible to implement the Constitution in its true spirit.

This was stated by Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage

Marriyum Aurangzeb while addressing the Voters Day seminar at the Institute of Parliamentary Services here on Thursday. She said that the PML-N would carry forward its campaign for sanctity of vote in the light of the thinking and philosophy of Jinnah and Iqbal with the support of the masses.

Marriyum remarked that it was the power of the vote that gave Constitution, CPEC and motorways to the country and made it a nuclear power.

The Minister said that democracy in any form was far better than dictatorship and strong democracy was a bulwark against dictatorship.

She said that the youth who were 65 per cent of the population would have to make a pledge on the Voters Day to use their right of franchise only on the basis of the performances of parties during the 2018 elections when democracy would have completed 10 years of its journey.

Marriyum observed that vote was a key in the hands of the youth to build a

glorious future, therefore, they should strive to promote the thinking to vote on the basis of ground realities rising above subjective and emotional considerations.

She said that in the light of the previous experiences it was quite evident that access to a prosperous and bright future was in the hands of the young voters of Pakistan.

The Minister said that the people especially the youth would have to use their right to vote in the coming elections for the continuation of democracy in the country, and if they did not do that the country would relapse in darkness, which Pakistan could ill-afford.

She said that during democracy the public opinion had an ascendant and sacrosanct position and vote represented respect for the public opinion.

She said that democracy was derailed in Pakistan through night raids and none of the 17 elected Prime Minister was allowed to complete his mandated tenure.

The Minister said that the nations of the world through their experiences had ultimately chosen democracy as the best system of governance.

Marriyum said that vote gave the right to people to choose their own rulers.

She said that at present the number of registered voters in the country was around 79 million which could be increased through a campaign with reference to the Voters Day, adding, that it was only possible after the registration of votes that people could choose their rulers on the basis of their performance.

The Minister said that the very purpose of creating Pakistan was to establish a bright example of democracy.

She said that Islam by advocating decision making though a consultative process had encouraged democratic conduct. Marriyum said that the Constitution of Pakistan guaranteed democratic system and sovereignty of the public opinion.

She said that the people of Pakistan had waged an admirable struggle for their right of vote ,adding, that respect for the public opinion was imperative for continuation of democratic system and achievement of the higher objective of good governance.

The Minister said that protection of the right of vote of the people was tantamount to protection of the Constitution and Parliament was the custodian of the Constitutional right of vote.

The conference was attended by Additional Secretary ECP Zafar Iqbal Hussain, Chairperson Caucus Shagufta Jamali, MNA Shaista Pervez, Senator Sitara Ayaz, Team leader Tabeer Mukhtar Ahmed Ali, representatives of NGOs, students of universities, members of the civil society and representatives of social organisations working for strengthening democracy in the country.

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