Road map to Palestine-Israel conflict

The genesis of Palestine-Israel conflict can be traced back to 19th century during the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The British colonial was in high peak before and after World War I. We can identify clear beginnings in the Balfour declaration (1917) which was forwarded by the then British foreign secretary. the declaration paved the way for Jews settlement in the holy land of Palestine. As a result, after the promulgation of the act the Jews rose to 30% from 3%. Furthermore, UN resolution created the state of Israel after World War II. However, This man-made conflict has claimed thousands of lives. this endless issue can resolved through peaceful means if both sides play harmonious role. Some actors have paramount place in this imbroglio: PLO- affiliated organization Al fateh, Hamas, Israel and United Nations. these measures would help if taken seriously.

First, Egypt, Jordan and Gulf Cooperation council(GCC) must be party to the reconciliation process. Second, the UN has to play active role as i had recognized the Israel a state on world map. Third, All rockets from both sides must be stopped as it affect civilians as well tunnel digging shall be ceased. Fourth, both stakeholders will have to scratch out parameters for border management, refugees, settlement, land and natural resources etc. Fifth, on both sides hawks and doves are present. they should show flexibility in their tactics for peace of more than 20 million people. Sixth, hopelessness and endless conflict can be replaced if this is taken as the Arab- Israel conflict.


Khairpur Mirs, November 18.




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