SNGPL clarification

PR LAHORE – MD SNGPL Thursday clarified that only initial consultations have been carried by OGRA on New Tariff Regime and TPA Rules on November 30 and December 4, 2017 in Peshawar and Lahore respectively. These sessions have been held by OGRA to seek view point of stakeholders including gas companies on the basis of which OGRA will be preparing proposals on the matter, which will also require mandatory federal government approval pursuant to section 6(2)(t) of OGRA Ordinance. It therefore must be understood that any illustrations/presentations given by SNGPL in OGRA hearings, at such an initial stage are only indicative, which are meant for educational purposes only and by no means shall be construed as impacting the profitability of the company. The decision on the matter will only be taken by OGRA once the requisite legal and consultative requirements have been fulfilled.

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