Solution to public woes pledged

HAFIZABAD – The district administration is fully alive to resolve the problems of the masses in the shortest possible time, a district officer said.

The deputy commissioner said that she was also aware of the problems of the journalists. She said she would explore the possibility for the establishment of a journalist colony in Hafizabad. She also pledged to establish Arts Council to provide healthy recreational facilities for the citizens for their physical and mental growth.

She said that she was focusing on improving sanitary conditions, provision of portable water, removal of encroachments and improving functioning of almost all departments. She added that during the past one month, Saleha Saeed had made all the non-functional filtration plants fully functional. Moreover, the functioning of all RHCs, BHUs, THQ and DHQ Hospitals has been further improved and the emergency ward in the DHQ and THQ hospital Pindi Bhattian have been working in a better way, she claimed. 


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