Treatment plants to meet water shortage in city: Mayor

KARACHI – Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar has expressed the hope that treatment plants will play a vital role in meeting the shortage of billions of gallons of water in the city.

He added that sewage-mixed water was treatable so that it could be later used for drinking and other purposes. “Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will welcome the people and organisations, which cooperate with it for the fulfilment of water requirements of people of the city,” Waseem assured.

He was talking to a delegation consisting of President of SANCUS, Chief Executive Officer and Channel Partner of GE Oil and Gas.

On the occasion, members of the delegation showed their willingness to cooperate with the KMC to meet the water requirements of the people. They also updated the mayor on modern-day research on the treatment of sewage-mixed water and its change into portable water. The mayor appreciated their interest.

It was decided at the meeting that the delegation would collect water samples from different drains, including Gujjar Nullah, Orangi Nullah and Mehmoodabad Nullah, which would be later examined at a laboratory.

The participants further agreed that the next strategy would be chalked out after the laboratory reports were received.

Waseem expressed the resolve that he and his colleagues would resolve all issues of the metropolis and hoped that joint efforts could be helpful in this regard.

He further said that sewage-mixed water was the most pressing problem, and there was a dire need for installation of treatment plants. “We are focusing on the installation of the treatment plants on priority basis,” he assured. Expressing concern over the mixing of sewage into water, Waseem said the mixture led to epidemic diseases in the city.

He also stressed the need for launching new mega projects of water supply. At the same time, he called upon the federal government to pay its attention to such a pressing issue.

The mayor said that KMC had number of capable people, who also had the passion to deal with the water crisis by using advanced scientific processes.

He demanded the authorities concerned to provide machinery and other latest equipments to KMC so that it could fulfil the water requirements of Karachiites.



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