Anti-Trump protests rap Kashmir region

 AJK-MIRPUR- Protests erupted across Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Friday against the US’ move to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The liberated part of the Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir was hit by protest rallies and demonstrations in all the major cities and towns after the Jumma (Friday) prayers against the United States for its abortive nefarious hegemonic designs of expansionism to “rule” the world.

President Trump had declared to end the US neutrality on Jerusalem and promised to relocate the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.

The move ignited fury among the Islamic world including Pakistan where the government announced the countrywide protest against the decision which have shatters the hopes for peace in the war-torn occupied region.

Jerusalem is regarded as the capital of both Israel and Palestine making it the highly combustible centre of the decades-long Israeli-Arab conflict. The protesters take to the streets in AJK’s capital town where participants of a mammoth protest rally denounced Trump’s actions. Similar displays were seen in other AJK cities including the divisional headquarters of Mirpur and Rawalakot.

In Mirpur, various processions were taken out by the people belonging to all walks of life, from various city mosques after Friday prayer on the call of Difa-e-Pakistan Council.

A big procession was brought out from the Muslim Mosque C-2 sector in the city under the leadership of Mufti-e-Azam AJK Rowais Khan Ayubi. The protesters marched through various city streets chanting slogans against the United States and its-backed occupational Israeli forces.

All the processions turned into a mammoth protest rally at Shaheed Chowk where speakers strongly condemned the US for declaring to open its embassy in occupied Jerusalem.

Speakers including Maulana Sajaad Ahmed of Jamaatud Dawa, Dr Naeem Mughal, Dr Riaz Ahmed and Bashir Shagoo of AJK Jamaat e Islami, Abdul Qadir Nadeem, Shakoor Mughal of Muslim Conference, Raja Khalid Mehmood Khan President his own faction of Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajraan and others called upon the Muslim Ummah to rally-round a flag to frustrate the United States hegemonic designs.

At the same time, fromer chief justice of AJK High Court Justice (r) Abdul Majeed Mallick also strongly condemned the US President action. He observed that the US act was nothing but to strengthen the unlawful Israeli occupation of Palestine besides hurting the religious feelings of the Islamic world.

“Muslim Ummah will never accept Israeli occupation over Palestine,” he added. Through various resolutions, the rally warned that US President Trump had brought entire world at the verge of third world war through declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The rally called upon the United Nations to immediately summon the emergency session of the Security Council to condemn the madness of Trump.

Through another resolution, the rally called upon all the Islamic countries to immediately disband the diplomatic relations with the United States in protest against the Trump’s act. It continued demanding government of Pakistan immediately change its diplomatic policy about Afghanistan by disbanding the existing supply line of America for Afghanistan via Pakistan.

Another resolution called upon all the Islamic countries to immediately move for the recruitment of volunteers for the freedom of Al-Quds.

They urged Arab League to immediately move for getting the deposits of all member countries withdrawn from the American banks the world over. They urged upon Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to formally announce ‘Jehaad’ (Holy War) against Israel through the allied forces as a last resort for the sovereignty and maintaining the honour of ‘Qibla e Awwal’.

They also urged for the socio-economic and trade boycott of the United States by all Muslim countries. They suggested to American people to take to the streets instead of supporting the criminal act.

“US people should keep Washington refrained from the anti-Muslim policy. Otherwise none of the American city will be saved from the attack of the Muslim mujahedeen,” another resolution said. The resolution called upon the State Bank of Pakistan to move for the affiliation of the rupee with British Pound Sterling or Dinaar instead of the US Dollar with prime focus to discourage the American currency.

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