Canal breach inundates wheat crop over 100s of acres

RAHIM YAR KHAN/SADIQABAD-Standing wheat crop over hundreds of acres inundated due to a 40 feet breach in Gullan minor canal near Chak 200-P in tehsil Sadiqabad here Friday morning.
According to residents of the area, the breached occurred as weak banks of the canal could not withheld pressure of the gushing water.
The water entered an area of over 3km in the neighbouring localities of Chak 200-P, leaving mud-made houses and freshly cultivated wheat crops over hundreds of acres.
The locals informed the irrigation department officials but to no avail and later villagers started plugging the breach on self-help basis.
Residents of Chak 200-P informed that it was the third breach in Gullan minor canal during a week. Two breaches were occurred last Friday and Saturday near Chak 197-P and Chak 198-P. The canal irrigates agricultural land in villages near Punjab-Sindh border and mostly residents of different Chaks use water of the canal for drinking.

Rally marks Miladun Nabi

SADIQABAD -A huge procession was taken out here by Jamaat Ahle Sunnat (JAS) in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi. The procession was led by JAS Chief Organizer Qari Hussain Saeedi.
The participants after marching on different roads reached Railway Chowk. Addressing the participants, Qari Nazim Hussain Saeedi said that the way Muslim Ummah has celebrated birthday of the Prophet (SAWW) shows their commitment to follow His (SAWW) Sunnah. Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar said that 12th of Rabiul Awwal has been celebrated this year with unprecedented fervour and ardour. Mian Farhad said that darkness vanished with the arrival of the Prophet (SAWW) and the truth revealed. He stressed the need for following in footprints of the Prophet (SAWW). MPA Makhdoom Murtaza Mehmood, Ch Sajjad Warraich, Dr Waheeduz Zaman, Qari Arshad Saeedi, Mufti Tasaduq Hussain and others were present on the occasion.
Food packets were distributed by the administration to patients and their attendants at Sadiqabad Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital in connection with Eid Miladun Nabi.
Assistant Commissioner (AC) Abdul Rauf Mehr, Municipal Committee Chairman Ch Shafiq Pappa, District Officer (health) Ghazanfar Shafiq and Deputy District Officer (health) Dr Wasif Ch distributed the packets. On the occasion, the AC pointed out that patients and their families should also be included in Miladun Nabi celebrations. He termed officials’ visit to the hospital a message of solidarity with patients by the government and the tehsil administration.

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