Gohar’s journey from Seedling to Rangreeza

LAHORE-Gohar Rasheed has made a knack of choosing roles that traverse an interesting character arc. His success story has been just dramatic as his films. Scripts are being flung at him like balls on squash court. He is best known for his work in internationally acclaimed movie Seedlings for which he was nominated as a Best Actor in a supporting role at New York Film Festival.  In conversation with The Nation the actor speaks about his upcoming film Rangreeza which is to be released on 21st this month. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Tell us something about your background. What inspired you to become an actor?

Since 3rd grade I have been performing theatre in school. I did my theatre debut in Bombay Dreams that was directed and produced by Shah Sharabeel in 2008, where I played an Indian character of Vikram. Thanks to my mother because she always believed and supported me.

You were nominated at New York International Film Festival as a best actor. Share something about it?

It was an overwhelming experience because getting nominated at international festival was an achievement for me. I was nominated as best actor for my film Seedling. 

How did the role of Rangreeza landed into your lap?

It was Amir Mohiuddin version. He said when I heard about the character the one person who came into my mind was you. So, he approached me and discussed the story and I agreed to do the role.

Tell us something about your role in Rangreeza?

The name of the character is Waseem. He is a dholak player in Qawwal band. He has his own way that is a lit bit edgy and there is a surprise element at the end that you will get to know once you watch the film. 

It is said that you are doing item number with 200 transgenders. Would you like to tell us something about it?

It was a life changing experience and these people were immensely brilliant. They deserve all the luxury we have in the society. The basic reason was to highlight that these people have to face certain stigmas in our society. Kalu is the name of the song and the aim was to show the audience how compassionate, caring and good human beings transgenders are.

The audience found your performance in Man Mayal a delectable one. Is it difficult to play a negative role?

It’s always fun to play a negative role. To be honest, I find playing a hero character really boring. I much prefer to play negative roles because they’re fascinating and remembered by the masses. 

One thing you want to change about Pakistan Film Industry?

There isn’t any issue with our cinema but yes I would like to change is the ego problems of our filmmakers. If the filmmakers stop making ego issues we can progress a lot. Punjab Nahi Jaungi was the only film which did good business on the box-office and the reason is the director. Nadeem Baig is a very humble person. He listens to everyone and does what he wants do to. 

Now that you’re popular here, how do your co-stars react with you?

It’s a sense of satisfaction because I have proved my talent with my acting skills. Rejections are integral part of your growth if you haven’t faced it then you can’t be a good actor that’s what I believe.

Would you like to share about your upcoming project?

There are very interesting projects in pipeline. I have signed a film about which I will share the details soon with my fans.

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