Mr: Xi’s name in the Constitution

Xi Jinping, China’s most powerful leader, has recently gotten his name written in the country’s constitution after Mao Zedong—-founding father of the nation. Mr: Xi’s thought is included in constitution in accordance with his successful policies. Since his short term of five years leadership, he has been labelled with several titles at home and abroad. 

Socially, Xi’s anti-corruption motive has long been perceived by the country which got down 2 million corrupt officials; including highly reputed ones. 

Militarily, Mr: Xi has strengthened its military ties with Russia through signing several naval drills. 

Economically, Xi’s agenda in terms of being most powerful economy is widespread in the world. After the US, it is second largest economy of the world and will bypass US in 2023. The initiative of One Belt, One Road (OBOR) is an influential corridor which takes up globalization. 

Politically, Mr: Xi has always been trying to lead political system towards stable and fair. 

Zero tolerance over corruption has also proved a key role to improving political system of China. 

Pakistan is known as a close and all weather friend of China. China is a required lesson for Pakistan. But, it is still failed to follow his friend—-China’s policies to combat social, economic and political quagmires. 


Shikarpur Sindh, November 21. 

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