‘Plea bargaining a tool to protect corruption’

KARACHI – Plea bargaining is a tool to protect corruption mafia that is devouring national resources, said speakers here on Friday, adding corruption would be eliminated only when its political backing is ended.

On the occasion of the International Day of Anti-Corruption, Enquiries and Anti-corruption establishment staged a rally from Sindh Assembly that marched to the Karachi Press Club (KPC).

It was led by senior minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, chairman Ant-Corruption Alamdin Bullo, and Director General National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Sindh. Vice chancellors of various universities of Karachi and a large number of people participated in the walk.

The walk concluded at the KPC where a program was also organised by Enquiries and Anti-corruption establishment Sindh.

Anti-Corruption Establishment Chairman Alamdin Bullo warmly welcomed all participants. He said that bribery and corruption are major offenses. “Let us raise this awareness together; your participation has proved that you are always with us to fight corruption.”

Bullo said that they are taking serious actions against corruption, adding they are going to establish a training academy in this regard.

He also said that they have received over 4000 complaints regarding corruption and 400 inquiries have already been started.

“More than 30 officers of anti-corruption department have been given show-cause notices on their negligence. Complaints centres have also been set up to facilitate citizens,” Bullo said.

Speaking on the occasion, provincial information minister Nasir Hussain Shah said nobody is above the law. He said it is due to law enforcement that ministers and prime ministers have been punished. He said stern action against big fish of corruption mafia is being taken. He said the NAB and anti-corruption departments are performing their dues role against corruption, adding this role needs further improvement. He said now it is time that we all say “No to corruption.’’

DG NAB, Karachi Muhammad Altaf Bawany said that the NAB is a federal institution and it is taking strict actions against corruption. He said the NAB has received more than 7,000 complaints against corruption, out of them they have already investigated more than 30 complaints. He said more than 300 cases of corruption are being in courts for trial. He said the NAB has saved the government’s treasury from a loss of Rs300billion.

He also said there is massive corruption in country and they are getting support of youth to start a crackdown on corruption. He added that they are approaching to schools and colleges because the students are backbone of country and they are tomorrow’s politician and they will manage this country in future.

Senior Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said they have today taken to streets against corruption’. He said corruption is harmful for all of us. He suggested that lessons should be included in curriculum against corruption. The problem of corruption was not addressed in past, he said, adding dictatorship governments were also responsible for increasing corruption in our society. He suggested a social boycott of corrupt officers.

He said the NAB should get rid of plea bargaining so that the big fish of corruption mafia may not escape from the net of accountability.


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