PTI grills govt over lack of basic health facilities

KARACHI  – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said the heavy life loss of boat capsizing tragedy near Bohara, Thatta district, was due to lack of proper medical facilities at the basic health centre, which is a negligence of rulers. 

According to details, Haleem Adil Sheikh along with a team of PTI workers rushed the area of tragedy and later participated in the funeral prayers of five victims at Salar Goth, Malir. He also visited the basic health centre Bohara, where people complained that there are not even basic facilities like oxygen. When the injured were rushed to this basic health centre they were asked to shift them to Karachi as no facility was present there. Many people died on way to Karachi hospitals and had basic medical facilities available in the BHC of Bohara many precious lives could have been saved.  

Haleem Adil said 70 people have drowned and many of them were rushed alive to this hospital, where there was no facility to give them even proper first aid. He said the doctor posted in this hospital was on leave and there was no oxygen facility and injured were advised to be shifted to Karachi and many of them died on way to Karachi.  

He said corruption has marred every sector including healthcare as the rulers are only interested in corruption and kickbacks. He said billions of rupees are given to the health department every year but still the poor people of Sindh get no medical facilities.  

He said we will not leave the people of Sindh at the mercy of these corrupt rulers and the next provincial government in Sindh would be formed by the PTI and healthcare, education, police and other departments would be reformed.  

At Salar Goth, Malir, locales told Haleem Adil that many people of their village had gone to attend Urs of a shrine. They said no police was present at the place where overloaded boats were leaving for the shrine. They said people rescued injured from the sea after boat incident on self-help basis as no government officials came for their rescue. They said when they shifted these injured to the local hospital there was no facility available there to treat them and many injured died while being shifted to Karachi. 

On the occasion, PTI Malir president Dr Masroor Siyal, Abdul Rasool Bilali, Jahansher Junejo, Naved Kalmati, Saleem Dombki and others were present. 

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